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GIANT 1.650 RY


Delivered and installed in Fontanelle (Treviso province), a machine 1650 mm wide with a multiblade shaft.

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IVANIK is a relatively new company that launches in the wood flooring market, high quality parquet.

But they will use an innovative machine, never seen before.

The GIANT 1650 is able to perform in a single pass: calibrating, and 33 grooves, made by 33 diamond blades.

Some technical specifications:

> Working width 1.650 mm

> Roller and blades diameter 300 mm

> Electronic touch screen with color touch screen keyboard 15,4 inches wide


Mr. Ivano Armellin and Mr. Nico Furlan (owners of IVANIK) have kindly expressed full satisfaction.

EMC staff are deeply grateful.