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EMC.  When the experience from the past is projected into the future.
It is no coincidence that the logo of EMC contains the pyramids. Passed unharmed through the centuries but ready to challenge the millennia to come.

The range.
The range of models is probably the most extensive among the sanders manufacturers. It starts from the Smart model, 300mm wide, till the Giant which allows the processing of very large pieces up to 2.200mm. The number of groups varies from one up to six, to which must be added any cleaning groups.

The modularity of the GIANT project.
Allows to customize the machines to meet any production needs. High technology machines equipped with 6 groups are a beautiful reality, like in the case of MOBALPA ' (FOURNIER Group), in France.

The easy of adjustment.
Allows to obtain optimum finish, held constant over the time thanks to high-quality components, intelligent and innovative solutions.

The precision.
The EMC machines are equipped with the most technological and advanced electronic pad available on the market now days. With its 18mm is the more narrow standard segment on the market. That allows smooth and great accuracy on "soft" lacquer (water based) and on difficult geometries, (round tables). The pad is also equipped with doubles and differential pressures.

The power and robustness.
The RUSTIC machine has been integrated into the Giant project; unique and innovative industrial distressing unit really heavy. It can accommodate up to 4 planetary orbital groups with 9.2 kW motors  on each unit. The disc brushes are very durable and flexible. The diameter is the largest, 200mm.

The high production capacity.
The project UNDERTOP allows calibration and sanding simultaneously on both surfaces of the panel, doubling the production and halving the cost of labor. The space necessary to accommodate the UNDERTOP is truly minimal as the line has been designed to be extremely compact.

The high gloss finishing.
In EMC we were the first to built the through-feed technology polishing line. We called Rotoplus LUC and Rotoplus BRILL. This project was developed in collaboration with VAM group in Annone Veneto - Venice. The VAM Group is among the largest producers in the world of high gloss panels. The idea came from Mr. Luciano MORAS, Managing Director of EURO-VAM. The machines were designed and built in EMC in 2004. Towards the end of 2004 were delivered the first two prototypes. There are now 10 machines currently installed in production in the VAM Group.

The versatility and technology.
In EMC we equip our models with very sophisticated control systems. We install industrial PC, resistant to vibration, where the memory capacity is almost infinite and the speed of calculation exceeds that of an office PC.

The assistance and after sales service.
The machines are equipped with sophisticated software for telemetry, linked for computer-based diagnostics. The distance control run via internet network.

The sales network.
Only the best representatives, which we prefer to call "collaborators", become part of the EMC circuit. The most serious, honest and loyal to the end user and the manufacturer.

That's why at EMC we are not afraid to look far. Far through time.


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